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О себе: kristiannairn I am a Lucky guy. Touring all over the world and loving it. 🙌🏻 Check out my Spektrum Radio Show 👇🏻

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Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

@ushuaiaibiza .. you were amazing as always, there must be something in the Ibizan water because that crowd was NUTS! A huge thanks to @dimitrivegasandlikemike for having me 🙌🏻🔉#GardenOfMadness

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

Ibiza! I'm back at @ushuaiaibiza today for the @gardenofmadness with @dimitrivegasandlikemike @steveaoki and @noraenpure 🎶🙌🏻 #ushuaiaibiza #Tomorrowland #GardenOfMadness

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

@elbenwald_festival in Germany last weekend was 🔥 Thanks to everyone who danced! Next up .. Ibiza for @gardenofmadness at @ushuaiaibiza tomorrow! 👊🏻🔉

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

Germany has many wonderful things. But nothing beats ApfelSchorle IN A UNICORN 🦄 CAN

The crowd at @untoldfestival last week was something else ... looking forward to playing at @elbenwald_festival in Germany today 🙌

Studio Time with @djalexgraham is always an interesting one 👀 Swipe 👉🏻 to see the Out-Take 😂

Good times at @tomorrowland .. Who’s heavier, @steveaoki or Bran Stark? 🤔

Look into my eyes, I command you to dance 👀🕺🏻 @untoldfestival was insane! 🙌🏻

@untoldfestival in Romania was out of this world .. this is one festival I love returning to every year! 🙌🏻💥 #untoldfestival

Some action shots up tmw , but for now, omg, thank you everyone in Cluj Napoca, Which really lives up to the “capital of night and magic”. I’ve loved being here for the last three years @untoldfestival , and none better than tonight. Big ups to my homegirl @siggy_smalls who is on at 6am and is gonna rock the place . Thanks to @guycoalition for always believing in me even when I’m an awkward Eejit. And thanks to @johnnybigg for this top Which I’ve been meaning to wear for ages and nat @blackcatstyling . Thanks to my first grade (P1) teacher who .... nah. Bored now. Srsly tho still buzzing and love to ALL.

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