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О себе: kristiannairn I am a Lucky guy. Touring all over the world and loving it. 🙌🏻 Check out my Spektrum Radio Show 👇🏻

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Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

All smiles at @sunburnfestival in India last week .. and yes, that is a new haircut 👀🇮🇳 #sunburnfestival

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

Ugh, this movie. It gave me HORRIBLE traumatising dreams when I was a kid , so I STILL don’t want to watch it. Although I’m pretty sure it’s probably really not terrifying anymore. #someoneatthewindow #blueguy #argh #sigh

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

#throwback to playing at AT&T Stadium for @sfgiants .. something I won’t forget for a long time! ⚾️🔉

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

When the photographer times it perfectly.. Thank you India + @sunburnfestival 🇮🇳❤️ #sunburnfestival #india #confetti.

India.. THANK YOU! You guys seriously know how to party 🙌🏻🔉🇮🇳 Thanks to @sunburnfestival for having me too .. hopefully I’ll be back soon 👀 #sunburnfestival

Hands Up 🙌🏻 Thank You India .. @sunburnfestival was INCREDIBLE! 🇮🇳🔥

Wow! 😮 Playing in India was NEXT LEVEL! 🙌🏻 Look at that crowd and that confetti! 😍 Thanks to everyone who came and partied during my set.. hopefully I’ll be back soon! 🔉 #sunburnfestival

So.. today is the day! 🙌🏻 - - After scrolling through thousands of names, I’ve chosen two random names as winners of my @warcraft Giveaway! 😮 - - Congrats to @anarae (Horde) @ObeyGriff (Alliance) on Twitter l .. I’ll be in touch with you soon to get your prizes to you! 🙌🏻

One more day guys, to win the @warcraft Blizzcon Polar Bear mount , or the murloc Deathy pet! comment below whether you support #Horde or #Alliance ! #warcraft #blizzcon #omg #somanyentries

It seems I can’t be left alone with any fabric , never mind being trapped in a hotel room with @beefdonut during an Icelandic storm ⛈.. oh well. At least Winter is Coming and IM READY

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